I am a motivating young woman that is ready to help you on your journey to a healthier, fitter you! Bringing fresh and new takes to fitness, I hope to inspire and encourage you to take that first step!

Level 1 – Certificate III in Fitness (Australia)
Level 2 – Certificate IV in Fitness (Australia)

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Basic Level 1 Zumba
PoundFit Pro

Professional background

As an eager young woman I started my fitness journey and career working in and helping out at bootcamps and gyms. I then furthered the knowledge and experience I gained in exercising the human body in many representative sports,  I played for the region and for the state.

Now with what I have learnt in the past I have continued to learn and better myself for the past 2 years working as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Class Instructor & Dance Instructor.


Cert 3 in fitness
Zumba basic 1
Zumba Gold
Strong by Zumba
Enrolled in Cert 4 fitness

18527374_1378765445543833_4554092785586868051_oWhat kind of Trainer am I ?

I’m a very keen trainer that is always looking at the next step to get you to your goal. I can push you to where you might dislike me for a second but I promise you’ll love me after! I love to make fitness fun for everyone and don’t mind having a laugh with my clients.

Who’s suited to my style: If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up and work on your fitness but need that little push, I am the trainer for you!

Personal exercise experiences: Dancing and playing representative sport’s all my life kept me very fit while I was younger but it wasn’t until I finished high school that my fitness and my weight took a hit.

Over the past years my weight has been very unstable, constantly rising and falling. Now I have successfully lost 10kgs and maintained my weight over a period of time and I feel I have the knowledge and experience to help like minded people to do the same and change their lifestyle for the better.

Wrap up

With my past experiences and understanding of the human body, weightloss and maintenance, I feel I can help anyone reach their specific goal.
I aim to help anyone and everyone and also have some have fun along the way, because lifes too short to not have a laugh and smile.

I look forward to helping you feel great & live the life you dream of.

With Love xxx


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